Paper Bowl Machine

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SMD-80B automatic middle speed paper container forming machine is designed to make big size paper bowl and bucket for soup, popcorn and fried food.


1.Longitudinal axis gear drive.Cylindrical type barrel shape indexing cam.This design optimize machine internal layout,ensure the machine drive precision,synchronous performance high,so that can make the each part of machine coordination,to prevent collision each other of machine part.


2.Switzerland leister heating device is equipped for cup body and bottom sealing,bottom are heated at first before they are feeding,thus improving heating effect and helping guarantee knurling.


3.Whole machine is box type structures design,filling oil by spray lubrication system,that can reduce damage,cooling that the machine can run fast.


4.The first curling order use the internal expanding rotational molding, in favour of improving the paper forming intensity. The second curing order use heat setting,the mouth of curling not only appear very nice but also keep dimension stability.

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Shunda Intelligent Paper Container Forming Machine SMD-80B


Model SMD-80B normal size SMD-80B big size
Speed 70-80 pcs/min 50-60 pcs/min
Cup size Top diameter: 150mm(max) Top diameter: 200mm(max)
Bottom diameter: 120mm(max) Bottom diameter: 180mm(max)
Height: 120mm(max) Height: 150mm(max)
Raw material 135-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper 135-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper
Configuration Ultrasonic & hot air system Ultrasonic & hot air system
Output 380V/220V,60HZ/50HZ, 14KW 380V/220V,60HZ/50HZ, 18KW
Air compressor 0.4M3/min 0.5MPA 0.6M3/min 0.5MPA
Net weight 3.5tons 4.0tons
Dimension of machine 2500x1800x1700mm 3000x2000x1700mm
Dimension of cup collector 900x900x1760mm 1000x1000x1760mm


Main features:

    Use the double turnplate ,double order to forming   paper cup .The SMD-80B machine is an upgrade  product that  base on  single  turnplate  paper cup machine . The machine adopts open-type , interrupted division design , gear drive , longitudinal axis design  . So they can reasonably distribute each part function 

     The whole machine adopts Spray lubrication , thus reduce the parts abrade,  and it adopts Switzerland leister heater for cup body and bottom paper sealing ;  and silicon oil flow controlled by PLC & electromagnetic valve ,  in total two course for top curling forming , first course rotate top curling ,and second that   heating and forming , thus the cup forming will be more perfectly

     PLC system controls the whole cup forming process. By adopting photoelectric failure-detecting system and servo control feeding, our paper cup machine's reliable performance is guaranteed, thus offering a rapid and stable operation. The machine can auto-stop working when there is a failure. Thus it can greatly improve operation safety standard and reduce labor force. 

     SMD-80B intelligent paper cup machine simplifies paper cup forming process,this machine can finish paper feeding,gluing,cup-bottom feeding,heating,knurling,cup-mouth curling,cup-collecting, one is especically suitable for making paper bowls with a height of 60-120mm.

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