Double Wall Cup Machine

Short Description:

  • SMD-80A intelligent paper cup sleeve / jacket machine adopts open-type, intermittent division design, gear drive, longitudinal axis design, so they can reasonably distribute each part function.
  • The whole machine adopts spray lubrication.
  • PLC system controls the whole cups forming process.
  • By adopting photoelectric failure-detecting system and servo control feeding, our machine’s reliable performance is guaranteed, thus offering a rapid and stable operation.
  • The maximum speed can reach 100pcs/min, and it is suit for produce 8-44OZ  cup jacket forming which is widely used in milk-tea cup,coffee cup, ripple cups, noodle bowl and so on.

Product Detail

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Shunda Automatic Ripple / Corrugated Wall Paper Cup Forming Machine SMD-80A

Model SMD-80A cup size SMD-80A bowl size
Speed 80-100pcs/min 70-90pcs/min
Cup size Top diameter: 100mm(max) Top diameter: 150mm(max)
Bottom diameter: 80mm(max) Bottom diameter: 80mm(max)
Height: 110mm(max) Height: 140mm(max)
Raw material 135-450gsm paper 135-450gsm paper
Configuration Ultrasonic Ultrasonic
Output 9KW,380V/220V,60Hz/50Hz 10KW,380V/220V,60Hz/50Hz
Air compressor 0.4 M3/min 0.5MPA 0.5 M3/min 0.5MPA
Net weight 3.0 tons 3.2 tons
Dimension of machine 2500x1800x1700mm 2700x1800x1800mm
Dimension of cup collector 900x900x1760mm 1000x900x1860mm

Mechanical Quality Guarantee

1.Mechanical parts are guaranteed for 3 years, electrical parts are guaranteed for 1 year.
2.All parts on forming table are easy to access for maintenance.
3.All parts under forming table are lubricated by oil bath. Oil should be changed every 4-6 months with specified oil.

Production Efficiency

1.Production output up to 39,000 cups per shift (8 hours), up to 3.5 million cups per month (3 shifts);
2.Percentage of pass is higher than 99% under normal production;
3.One operator can handle several machines at the same time.

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