Paper Lid Machine

Short Description:

PLM-60 is designed to make paper lid for cup, bowl and bucket.


Main Structions:

1. Hot air system guarantee the stability of heating.

2. Ultrasonic seal the paper lid body, suitable for both single and double PE coated paper.

3. Open cylindrical cam divide locating, high precision.

5. Automatically Oil lubrication system inside, oil can be recycled used.

6. Gear drive, long life for machinery.

7. Photoelectricity to track every step.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Shunda Automatic Paper Cover Forming Machine PLM-60

Model PLM-60 small size PLM-60 big size
Speed 50-60 pcs/min 50-58 pcs/min
Lid size Diameter: 60-120mm Diameter: 80-160mm
  Height:12-25mm Height:12-25mm
Raw material 300-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper 300-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper
Configuration Ultrasonic Ultrasonic
Output 5.5KW, 380/220V,60/50HZ 6.0KW, 380/220V,60/50HZ
Air compressor 1.2M³/Min  0.5MPA 1.3M³/Min  0.5MPA
Net weight 2.0 Tons 2.2 Tons
Dimension of machine 1700×1600 ×1500 mm 1800×1700 ×1500 mm
Dimension of collector 1500x500x1200 mm 1500x500x1200 mm

Lid Body Sealing
Name: Ultrasonic
Brand: EVERGREEN/Rongzhen
Original: Taiwan/CN
Ultrasonic sealing for lid body, both okay for single or double pe coated paper.

Cup Bottom Pre-heating
Name: Heating Device
Original: CN
pre-heating make bottom sealing firmly


Gear Drive System
1. Make running more stable
2. High Precision

Oil Lubrication System
1. automatic spray engine oil to gears, chains
2. less human maintaince
3. oil can be recyced used
4. clean and change oil half a year


PLC control Panel
Simple and efficient control panel, mady by MITSUBISHI

make work more intelligent.

Panasonic Photoelectricity sensor to track every step.
Auto alarm when paper fan go short
Auto stop when multi paper fans devlier
Auto paper fan track and deliver
Problems show in PLC display screen.


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