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  • Packaging Helps Strengthen The Resilience of The Food System

    The number of hungry people in the world has grown slowly since 2014, and tons of food are wasted and/or lost every day, so it is imperative to reduce food loss and waste. In 2019, the 74th United Nations General Assembly established September 29 as the “International Food Loss and Waste Pu...
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  • Research shows: Single-use paper packaging is a more sustainable option

    A meta-analysis of 26 previous scientific studies conducted by Ramboll, the world’s leading independent engineering, design and consulting firm, came to this conclusion: In the food delivery scene, reusable cutlery is far less sustainable than paper disposable cutlery due to additional and...
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  • Chengda Keep Production and Keep the Same Price

    We have been talking about the cold winter of the auto market for many years. Affected by the epidemic in Shanghai, the domestic auto market has entered the coldest season. The sharp rise in raw materials, the shortage of chips, and the epidemic have caused many car companies to stop work and pro...
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  • Goodbye tough  2021, Welcome 2022 !

    Goodbye tough 2021, Welcome 2022 !

    The Ministry of Commerce responds to the hot spots of lack of cores, cabinets, and labor: it is unprecedentedly difficult to do a good job in stabilizing foreign trade next year. Ren Hongbin, Vice Minister of Commerce, said that focusing on the real difficulties and challenges of next year, he p...
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  • We Chengda Machinery Keep the Same Price

    In September, domestic steel prices fluctuated upwards. In September, affected by environmental protection measures such as “dual control”, domestic steel production continued to decline. The tightness of the steel market was expected to rise, and steel prices turned from a decline to an increase...
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  • The price of white cardboard is cut in half! This paper has dropped by more than 320usd per ton? !

    According to CCTV survey, cultural paper dropped by more than 2,000 yuan per ton As an important upstream production material, the price of pulp has fluctuated in the past six months. In late August, the price of pulp dropped by 1.2% compared to mid-August. What impact does this have on paper com...
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  • Congratulations!Silver Award

    Haso new designed paper lid won the Silver Award of Packaging Design 2021 Award. This lid is produced by Shunda machine PLM-90
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  • Suddenly! Such companies have issued price increase letters one after another! Some products have risen by $3,000 each! what’s going on?

    Suddenly! Such companies have issued price increase letters one after another! Some products have risen by $3,000 each! what’s going on?

    Due to the price increase of raw materials, construction machinery OEMs have recently started a price increase mode. Since May, Zoomlion’s station machinery, cranes, XCMG tower cranes, construction lifts, and Lingong loaders have successively issued notices of price increases. The reason behind t...
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  • Starbucks Trial Reusable Cups

    Since playing “environmental protection” into marketing, there has been a “ideal is very plump, reality is very bone-chilling” problem. Recently, Starbucks introduced a “reusable cup” where customers can choose to pay a $1 deposit when they buy a drink and cho...
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  • The new plastic limit order is coming!

    The new plastic limit order is coming!

    National Development and Reform Commission spokesperson Meng Wei said on the 19th that by 2020, my country will take the lead in banning and restricting the production, sales and use of some plastic products in some regions and areas. She said that according to the “Opinions on Further Stre...
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  • The paper cup machine is developing towards the trend of environmental protection

    Nowadays, environmental protection has become a fashion, and the environmental protection industry is also developing. One of the most noticeable changes closest to people’s lives is the rise of the paper packaging and paper container industries. There are serious problems in the production...
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  • Leading technology, aspect international

    Recently, with the emergence of several container trucks, the SMD-90 produced by Haining Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd., with a medium speed of 120 per minute, once again went abroad and exported to Greece, Ukraine, and Algeria. In recent years, our company has continuously introduced high-intellige...
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