What are the “opportunities” and “challenges” facing the packaging industry in the current epidemic?

The Spring Festival is a great time for family reunion. Enjoying a warm dinner time with family and friends is bound to bring about the explosion of large, medium and small gatherings and dinner parties across the country. This is definitely a great benefit for the catering and retail industries. However, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, tertiary industries such as the catering industry and tourism have been hit hard. Various catering industries specialize in packaging and are also affected by the epidemic, and demand has fallen sharply.

At this stage, it is not only a “big test” for packaging companies on the future trend, but also a “great opportunity” to reflect the ability to respond to the situation. As the turning point of the epidemic is approaching, management and control have become stricter, and notices of postponement of resumption of work have been continuously issued in many places. The full start time of packaging companies is still unclear. However, the postponement of resuming work means just waiting to die. The new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 will definitely be a severe test for small and medium enterprises. But for the packaging industry, “opportunities” and “challenges” coexist.

For example, the gap in convenience food packaging is getting bigger. Although no one can get out for a period of time, many communities also implement closed management, and express delivery and takeaway are not available. People’s lives have become very inconvenient. Therefore, many residents will accumulate a large amount of food materials once they go to a supermarket or a vegetable market. Therefore, the sales of instant noodles, ham sausage, luncheon meat and other foods have bucked the trend. The packaging demand for convenience foods will still show an upward trend. These packaging needs include: foam boxes/bowls/cups, anti-scalding paper-plastic cups, flexible packaging bags, high barrier materials, etc.

We firmly believe that after the epidemic is over, with the explosive growth of consumption, the packaging industry will also usher in a series of benefits. As long as the entire industry is united and united, we will be able to overcome the epidemic and win the final victory!

Post time: Nov-24-2020