The paper cup machine is developing towards the trend of environmental protection

Nowadays, environmental protection has become a fashion, and the environmental protection industry is also developing. One of the most noticeable changes closest to people’s lives is the rise of the paper packaging and paper container industries.

There are serious problems in the production, use and recycling of disposable foamed plastic tableware. Some foaming agents used in the production process can destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and some have serious safety hazards; improper use at high temperatures can easily produce substances harmful to human health; random disposal after use can cause serious Environmental pollution; it is difficult to degrade when buried in the soil, which will cause pollution to the soil and groundwater, and it is very difficult to recycle and treat. Therefore, although plastics also have the advantages of low cost, heat resistance, and waterproofing, for environmental protection considerations, the relevant state departments have successively issued a series of documents such as the “Emergency Notice on Immediately Stopping the Production of Disposable Foam Plastic Tableware”. Measures strictly prohibit the use of disposable foamed plastic tableware. Only clean, non-polluting paper materials are most suitable for disposable cups, and “replacing plastic with paper” and “replacing wood with paper” has become a trend.

The future paper cup market will continue to expand, and the large demand for paper cups stimulates the demand for paper cup machines. Under the influence of the market, our company develops and produces various types of paper cup machines and paper bowl machines for customers to choose from.

Post time: Nov-24-2020