Spring Festival equipment maintenance

Dear Chengda Machinery guest, hello

The annual Spring Festival holiday is approaching. In order to ensure that your paper cup machine can operate normally after the holiday, we hereby remind you to do the following maintenance:

1: For the Chengda paper cup machine that has been used for more than one year, if the lubricant has not been changed so far, please replace the 150 or 220 gear oil in time. During the replacement process, the filter must be thoroughly cleaned or replaced before replacing the new one. lubricating oil.

2: For the sediment inside the fuselage, thoroughly clean up and replace the gear lubricating oil. After replacing the new lubricating oil, be sure to do a manual lubrication test to observe whether there is oil flowing out of each lubrication point and whether there is a lubricating oil pipe Fracture phenomenon. Achieve timely replacement.

3: For the cleaning of the control box of the paper cup machine, first turn off the main power supply of the paper cup machine, remove the air inlet filter of the electric box, use a powerful air gun to clean up the dust inside the electric box, and clean up After it is finished, turn on the power and observe whether the air outlet exhaust fan is noisy or does not turn around. If so, please replace it in time, and do not place any debris in the electrical box.

4: For the emergency stop switch and each safety position limit switch of the paper cup machine, an abnormal safety test should be done. If there is any abnormality, please notify our company and guide you to eliminate it.

5: After the maintenance of the paper cup machine, the mold should be treated with rust prevention.

happy New Year! Looking forward to more service opportunities in the New Year!

Post time: Nov-24-2020