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Short Description:

SMD-90 automatic paper cup forming machine is designed to make single and double PE coated paper cups for cold and hot drinks or foods like coffee, juice, ice cream and so on.
Leading Technology
Open Type Cam Drive System With Double Longitudinal Axis
Continuous Automatic Spray Lubrication
Gear Transmission
Leister Heater On The Bottom
The Whole Frame Design
Linear Guide Rail for Converying System
Fan Paper Conveyor
Fan paper conveyor is used for delivering the fan paper to the paper cup forming machine. It could reduce the time of loading the fan paper material. It saves labor cost.
Inspection System
It could inspect the rim, inner side and bottom part of cups with quality problems like broken and dirty dot. Wrong rim rolling, leaking and deformation cups will be picked up automactically.

Product Detail

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Shunda intelligent nessco high speed ice cream paper cup sleeve blank making machine setting drawing factory manufacturers

Model SMD-90 small size SMD-90 middle size SMD-90 big size
Stable running speed 100-120 pcs/min 90-110 pcs/min 80-100 pcs/min
Cup size Top diameter: 90mm(max) Top diameter: 110mm(max) Top diameter: 125mm(max)
Bottom diameter: 80mm (max) Bottom diameter: 80mm (max) Bottom diameter: 100mm (max)
Height: 140mm(max) Height: 170mm(max) Height: 170mm(max)
Raw material 135-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper 135-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper 135-450gsm PE/PLA coated paper
Configuration Ultrasonic & hot air system Ultrasonic & hot air system Ultrasonic & hot air system
Output 10KW,380V/220V,60Hz/50Hz 11KW,380V/220V,60Hz/50Hz 12KW,380V/220V,60Hz/50Hz
Air compressor 0.4M3/min 0.5MPA 0.5M3/min 0.5MPA 0.6M3/min 0.5MPA
Net weight 3.4 Tons 3.5 Tons 3.6 Tons
Dimension of machine 2500x1800x1700 mm 2600x1800x1800 mm 2700x1800x1800 mm
Dimension of cup collector 900x900x1760 mm 1000x900x1860 mm 1100x900x1860 mm



- one year for electronic parts

- three years for mechnical parts


Delivery term: 30-35 days

Payment term: T/T or L/C

Packing & Delivery

machine package is seaworthy and suitable for long & bumpy roads and sea delivery.

1.Machine solidly packed in waterproof film.

2.Machine bottom tightly fixed onto wooden plate.

3.Machine body safely put into wooden case.


The machine advantages

1. The paper has too few automatic alarms

2. Multiple sheets of paper detection stop

3. Automatically track the paper and send the bottom paper

4. Ultrasonic probe does not work when there is no film

5. Servo conveying without cup bottom detection stop

6. Paper cup forming cup detection stop

7. The bottom molding does not work when it reaches the set temperature.

8. When the test stops, the heater will automatically drop when it is not working.

9. The whole machine adopts automatic detection function

10. PLC can intelligent set the number of cups in the cup holder

11. Encoder control angle can be adjusted freely

12.The detection system is imported from Panasonic.

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